Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Video: turning waste from our goats into fuel to heat our house

This is my latest video about how we turn waste from our goats into resources. The sticks and branches are used to heat our house and the manure fertilises our land.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Bit of a freeze

Marshall Lands frost Jan 18 3

We have just had another sharp freeze. These photos were taken this morning close to where our allotments are. It started on Saturday but I am expecting it to be gone by tomorrow. Sadly, we will then have to return to the mud from which we have been suffering for the past couple of weeks.

Marshall Lands frost Jan 18 1

Marshall Lands frost Jan 18 2

Poorly goat

goats Jan 18 1

Coal, the smallest and youngest of our nanny goats (she's 9 months old) was poorly yesterday. She was off her food and was vomiting so we took her to Blythmans, our livestock vet, for a check up and treatment. Graham, the vet who has often treated our goats (mainly when they are pregnant) gave her barium and Zantec. This morning, she was still off her food so we gave her another dose of both barium (in vegetable oil) and Zantec. This afternoon she perked up a bit and ate some of the privet I gave to the goats. By this evening she was eating hay. Recovery is well under way.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Fish soup

fish stock Jan 18

Over the Christmas period we consumed one of the trout we had in the freezer. Afterwards the bones, skin, head and tail were boiled up to make stock which was then used to make fish soup with the leftover flesh (with a few potatoes and onions). A success! Indeed, too successful. We made so much soup that it lasted for four days in a row.

fish soup Jan 18

Gale or naughty goats?

wrecked goat shed Jan 18

I arrived at our livestock allotment this morning to find one of the small goat sheds demolished. It had already had a battering from the goats so it wasn't in the best of shapes. Whether it was last night's gale or the goats that finally wrecked it, we will never know. It started out life as a henhouse and we can rescue the nest box as a trough for the goats (we already use it for that). The roof is still largely in one piece and can be rescued for a rebuilt shed though we will need to buy a bit of timber for some walls.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Twiggy earth

earth and sticks Dec 17 (1)

The ground has been frozen today, putting a halt to a job that has been outstanding for some time. During the months when the trees are in leaf, we feed branches to the goats. People also bring us their hedge clippings. By the autumn, the twigs have built up on the ground and have got mixed up with mud and manure. The ground level has been raised by about 10cm and this is making it difficult to open the gate! So, a few days ago, I started to dig out the offending twigs and muck. It is a slow job and the resulting barrow loads of to waste need to be disposed of in a useful way.

On the far side of the Whinnies Garden our new apiary is sited and the ground level there has already been raised after piles of sticks and soil were added. It is the ideal site for the twiggy waste so I am gradually moving it there. 10 barrow loads have so far been transferred but because of the freezing weather, finishing the job will have to wait. I reckon there are about 20 barrow loads another to go.

earth and sticks Dec 17 (2)

Pregnant Pinkie?

Pinkie the goat Dec 17

I think Pinkie is pregnant. She is looking a bit pear shaped. She may not be as advanced as Georgina and Spot but hopefully, possibly in about 3 months, she will be having babies. Fingers crossed.